Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can repair teeth that have become compromised due to damage or decay. Often, crowns are the final step in restoring a tooth following a root canal procedure. Crowns can also replace lost teeth in conjunction with a dental implant. At Holistic & Healing Dentistry in Fort Lauderdale, FL, we can provide patients with same-day dental crowns for fast relief with excellent aesthetic results. Dr. Yani Dixon and her team of doctors provide metal-free crowns designed to benefit your oral health as well as your overall health.

Following treatment for trauma or decay, a custom dental crown can protect the remaining dental tissue while contributing to a beautiful smile and balanced bite.

Dental Crown Treatment Timeline

The precise timeline involved in receiving a dental crown depends on the purpose the crown will serve, as well as the process used to fabricate your crown. In most cases, crowns require a series of fundamental steps that can span a single appointment or several months:

  • Consultation: An initial examination will be performed to assess your oral health.
  • Treatment: If your tooth is decayed or damaged, Dr. Yani will remove compromised tissue and prepare the tooth to accommodate a crown. If you have lost a tooth, and wish to replace it with a crown and dental implant, you will undergo surgery with Dr. Bradley Ross to place the implant into your jaw, replacing lost tooth roots. In four to six months, when the implant has become integrated with the jaw, you will undergo a second minor surgery in which the device is prepared to accommodate a crown.
  • Impressions: Digital impressions will be taken of your tooth or dental implant. These impressions will guide the fabrication of your crown.
  • Fabrication of Your Crown: The impressions will be sent to an offsite lab, or used to create a same-day crown using CEREC® technology.
  • Crown Placement: Once your crown is complete, Dr. Yani will check the fit and make any necessary adjustments. Finally, your new restoration will be firmly cemented into place.

Same-Day Crowns 

Using innovative CEREC technology, we can conveniently fabricate crowns in a single visit for qualifying patients. The digital impressions of your tooth or dental implant will guide automated tools in crafting your crown from a block of porcelain that has been selected to match the color of your surrounding teeth. Once the crown is complete, Dr. Yani can make any necessary adjustments to achieve a precise and comfortable fit.

The precise timeline involved in receiving a dental crown depends on the purpose the crown will serve, as well as the process used to fabricate your crown.

Why Choose Dr. Yani?

Our holistic approach to dentistry is focused not only on helping you achieve a healthier smile, but also providing treatment that benefits your overall health. We provide only metal-free restorations to minimize your exposure to toxins and avoid triggering allergies. Meanwhile, metal-free crowns look far more natural. 

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