Biocompatibility Test

Looking for biocompatible tests to ensure the safety of dental materials used during your dental procedures? Look no further than GreenEwe Dental by Dr. Yani! We offer comprehensive biocompatibility testing services to determine the best restorative materials for your individual needs.


Dental Material Compatibility Testing - What you Need to Know

As a Biological dentist it is imperative to ensure material safety.

What is Dental Material Compatibility/Reactivity Testing?

At GreenEwe Dental, we understand that dental toxicity is a major concern for patients today. Dental materials can cause immune system reactions that reject the restoration, leading to ongoing toxin exposure. With thousands of dental restoration materials on the market, it’s essential to determine their compatibility with the body’s immune system. Our Serum Biocompatibility testing helps dentists determine how vigorously or minimally a material will react with a patient’s serum proteins. This testing can prevent the placement of materials that could cause ongoing toxins. Our classifications of “Highly Reactive,” “Moderately Reactive,” and “Least Reactive,” help dentists understand the results and choose materials with the lowest reaction levels. Contact GreenEwe Dental to learn more about our biocompatible tests and protect your oral health today!

What Does the Test Involve? 

To receive biocompatibility test results, a blood sample must be taken at your dentist’s office or a blood draw center and then mailed to the lab. Once the results are available, your dentist will discuss them with you.

What Are Commonly Tested Materials?

  1. Composites / Acrylics / Repairs
  2. Glass Ionomers
  3. Cements / Adhesives / Bonding Agents
  4. Liner Materials
  5. Base Materials
  6. Pit and Fissure Sealants
  7. Etchants
  8. Cleansing Materials / Desensitizers
  9. Varnishes
  10. Prophy Paste / Gel Products
  11. Porcelain / Ceramics / Repairs
  12. Blocks For Milling
  13. Ceramic Alloys (PFM) – Precious
  14. C&B (Casting Alloys) – Precious
  15. Ceramic Alloys (PFM) – Non-Precious
  16. C&B (Casting Alloys) – Non-Precious
  17. Crown Materials – Non-Metallic
  18. Orthodontic Materials
  19. Endo / Root Canal Materials
  20. Implant Materials / Metallic
  21. Implant Materials / Ceram / Non-Metal
  22. Bone / Collagen Graft / Repairs / Fill
  23. Suture Materials
  24. Impression Materials
  25. Denture Materials
  26. Denture Teeth
  27. Denture Adhesives
  28. Reliner Materials
  29. Preventive Treatments
  30. Whitening / Bleaching Agents
  31. Preservative Agents
  32. Mouth Guards and Splints
  33. Laser Perio Solutions
  34. Apnea / Snoring Devices
  35. Amalgam Alloys
  36. Hydrogel / Scaffolding


Biocompatibility Testing is available at GreenEwe Dental. Give us a call to learn more.