Biocompatible Fillings

Looking for a safe and natural alternative to traditional fillings? Look no further than GreenEwe Dental! Our biocompatible fillings, offered by Dr. Yani, are made from materials that are gentle on your body and look and feel like your natural teeth. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!


About Biocompatible Fillings

Looking for a dental clinic that offers biocompatible fillings to repair your damaged or decayed tooth while preserving your natural tooth structure? Look no further than GreenEwe Dental, serving the Fort Lauderdale area. Our holistic approach emphasizes non-toxic restorations and a conservative treatment plan that promotes overall oral and whole-body health. Trust us to provide you with the best biocompatible restoration options available. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

What are Biocompatible Fillings?

At GreenEwe Dental, we offer biocompatible fillings as a safe and effective alternative to traditional metal fillings. Made of ceramic-resin composite, these fillings are metal-free and BPA-free, making them biocompatible with your body. They are designed for smaller cavities and can be completed in a single visit, matching the color of your current dentition for a natural look.

Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, which contain mercury and can expand and contract with temperature changes, biocompatible fillings do not contain any toxic materials and are stable, without the risk of fracturing teeth over time. They provide a safer and long-lasting option for tooth restoration. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and experience the benefits of biocompatible fillings.

What does getting a biocompatible filling involve?

At GreenEwe Dental, we offer biocompatible fillings that are designed to repair smaller cavities and restore your teeth to their natural look and feel. With no metal or toxic chemicals, biocompatible fillings are a safer and healthier option for long-term restorations.

The process for getting a biocompatible filling takes about an hour, beginning with an oral exam conducted by Dr. Yani. An X-ray is taken to evaluate the extent of the decay and rule out any infection or pathology, as part of the initial comprehensive exam, which takes between 1-2 hours to complete. During the exam, Dr. Yani evaluates the soft tissues, including an oral cancer screening, head and neck examination, lymph node examination, and lastly, teeth.

To ensure the most conservative approach, Dr. Yani uses either a laser, air abrasion, or an electric handpiece to remove the defective tooth structure, after numbing. Once the tooth is prepared, it is etched to remove impurities and rinsed with fresh ozonated water before using a 3-step bonding system to condition the tooth for the biocompatible filling. The filling is then placed, polished, and shaped to perfection with a final bite check.

It’s essential to note that while getting a filling takes about an hour, an exam and filing can take between 2-3 hours, depending on the circumstances. At GreenEwe Dental, we prioritize our patient’s overall health and well-being, and our biocompatible fillings are an essential part of our holistic approach to dental care.

Do biocompatible fillings hurt?

At GreenEwe Dental, we understand that the thought of getting numb for a filling can be uncomfortable for some patients. However, Dr. Yani utilizes a method that is very tolerable and minimizes discomfort.

It is normal to experience some sensitivity after getting a filling, but with the use of ozone, we can offset the discomfort of the procedure, including the injection, while promoting healthy oxygen flow to the tooth to prevent root canals and irreversible inflammation of the pulp, reducing inflammation, and up-regulating the immune system.

To learn more about our biocompatible fillings and how we prioritize your comfort and health, schedule an appointment with GreenEwe Dental today by calling our office!